Renting a Room?

Our Wanaka Villashare option

Consider our 'Villashare' to save on accommodation costs during your stay.
Wanaka Luxury Apartments Resort hire fully furnished rooms and you share the apartment expenses with other guests. Also known a rent a room. Villashare suits people working at the ski fields or in hospitality
If you are wanting an extended stay holiday in Wanaka  for a 6 month stay then consider Villasharing   
Villasharing will cost you much less in your weekly expenses because you will share the cost of the whole apartment with other visitors or your friends.

You hire a double bed room with your partner or on your own.  But you get to have full access to all the other rooms in our luxury fully furnished apartments. Your Viilashare partners will also have their rooms at the same tariff rates as you and you will all be covered by a signed season stay agreement

Our Winter Villashare program operates from around early /mid May to the 31st October at $375 per week per double d/room in either 2 or 3 bedroom apartments

Our Summer Villashare program operates from 1st Nov to 30th April the following year at $295 per week per b/room in either 3 bedroom or 2 bedroom apartments

The running costs of general house hold expenses are then shared equally between three sets of guests

Utility costs including Gas is $25.00 per week per person  (gas is the major form of energy and used, for water heating, cooking and lounge room warming), Sky TV is amounts to $15.00 per hired bedroom per week paid as an extra. Power is purchased from Contact Energy Ltd by the guests directly and shared equally by all guests. 

This form of living can be great fun as you could be making new friends from different countries sharing in motor vehicle costs and generally enjoying fun loving and outgoing people of your own age. We provide this service to couples between 23 and 33 years of age

We are currently fully booked for winter so we are now taking bookings for summer 2020-21

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