Testimonials by previous Wanaka Luxury Apartments Resort guests

Your Apartment owners are Vivienne Brown and Cooper Gyles 
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Some reviews we have received from guests who have offered their comments : 

2011- My partner and I live in Paris France and we live for mountains and ski over world. Wanaka is my best choice and the people delightful. We stay for 6 month at Wanaka Luxury Apartments during ski season and what a hot  place. Everything was too clean and tidy when we arrived. The Wanaka apartment was just great with every nice thing we could want. Mr Gyles is Chef de Masion and he was most helpful in all ways. We would want to come back soon
Ambre Mariette and Josh Burtone

2012- My name is Gloria Ashton and I spent 5 fabulous months at Wanaka Luxury Apartments. My boy friend and I would rate our experience as one of our most memorable life time experiences. The skiing is supurb and our apartment really is a luxury destination. It is fully furnished with everything needed to live in splendid style. It was warm and that is an issue with many houses in Wanaka so we were very comfortable. We shared the apartment with an English couple and one US ski instructor. That was a blast and we all took away very fond memories.
Gloria Ashton and Frank Warner
Melbourne, Australia

2015 during winter ski season- My bf and I are Finnish and have been in New Zealand for winter season. We loved staying with our friends at Wanaka Luxury Apartments. The price was a little higher that other places we inspected but we were more than delighted with the eventuality. Glorious place and I loved the kitchen facility.
It can be windy in Wanaka and the chill factor makes it very cold so having a really warm place was right for us
Silvie and Alexus Borne
28 Tallbergin Strr, Helsinki

Winter 2016- George Sargenson. Im a world ski Instructor and work the seasons in NZ Wanaka and resorts near Colorado.
Shared a room with others in Wanaka  Luxury Apartments from end May to end October. I'd recommend the place to anyone. They kept the place immaculate and the resort features a real plus... especially the gym and sauna. Yeh really first class. The season was a bit warm so the ski conditions could have been better, but I had a fun time in Wanaka as always.
Grove Street

Summer 2016- Hello, My husband and I suffered from a total loss during the Chch earthquake and we just had to escape the shaking to find a calming environment to settle our nerves. We have two children Allison and Sandra both of school age. They were very stressed and finding the quiet, stable environment offered to us at Wanaka Villas was most welcome. The apartment is stunning, the fitments and bedding is brand new, the views and sun were stunning. We had little reason to contact the manager as every thing worked during our six month tenancy. I would recommend this apartment and resort to any decerning travellers.
Sharon and Stan Anderson,Taylors Mistake Rd
Sumner,New Zealand

2017- winter. The owners representive and Manager asked me for a reference, which I gladly provide. I spent the winter season working at the Cadrona field.  After a long days work, often in heavy cold conditions I required a warm well appointed residence to come back to every late afternoon often in the dark. The apartment was always warm and I simlpy loved the fabulous spa bath to soak in. mmmm soooo gggoooddd. Simply the best I loved it and the other tenants were fun too !!!!
Helen Jamieson
2017 - Winter. Hello Wanaka Aparts my BF and I come from Scotland and we have been in Wanaka over the Winter on an extended holiday in New Zealand. We took the  villa share option that they offered and they said champaign at beer prices. It was absolutely fabulous and our friends Angi and Silvia from Colorado and Tracy and Gordon from Melbourne became close buddies as Silvia would say. The villa was outstanding the spa bath was the bees knees as we were often very tired after working up the hill in miserable conditions- well sometimes. We would definitely book with his group again if we come over for winter
Sandy McDowell and Susy Coussing
East Lothian
We stayed five months. The weather was really kind as the Spa Pool and Gyms were very popular with the family. And... the linen was brand new. Lovely sheets were a delight. The views were so nice and having the garage was a help for the children to play in. We would recommend this as a 5 star resort
The Baxter Family
2018-summer  My name is Sandra from UK. My friend and I were guests at Wanaka Luxury Apartments when we had hospo jobs in town. We are in the food service scene and having such a well equipped kitchen at the villa made us the two who did most of the cooking for the other  four people. We really enjoyed staying at this apartment and recommend it to anyone looking for more than an ordinary house. A classy  place with gyms, swimming pools and sauna.     Summerset UK
2018-winter  My boyfriend and I were guests over winter when I was working at 3 Cone. Andre is a freelance s/ware designer and ran his business from the apartment while I was up the hill during the day. We spent 6 glorious months on a Villashare deal with these owners.  The other couples at the villa were great fun and if anyone is thinking about sharing I recommend it. The place is close to the village centre and beautifully furnished with all that we required.    
 Francis Cottingham and Andre Stubbs.  Hyde Rd Yeronga Brisbane Aust
2018 winter season     Just to let you know Cooper we had a fabulous time staying at the property - It really was the perfect place for our Winter ski season in Wanaka, and we will never forget that view from the balcony!

2018 winter  Many thanks ,    Harriet Millar and Henry Jackson-Jones  Great Britain
2019 winter. I really loved you luxurious apartment. I made some great friends who were flat mates with me      Kathryn Neal 
2019 Winter season. My name is Jonathan Hughes from London. My partner and I rented a two bedroom villa from Wanka Villas. We had six perfectly happy months in Wanaka. The villa was nicely appointed and the bedding was very comfortable. I was told we had a brand new mattress so that was a big plus. I was running my business online while in New Zealand  and the quiet peaceful surroundings were much appreciated. Thanks Cooper for your efforts on our behalf
2019 Hi ya folks Suz and Me were working at 3Cone as lifties in boots. Wanaka Villas put us up for the season.  Having the bus stop at our front door was beaut. Met some pro guys and chickies at the villa during the stay. Premo in every way so we'll be back for more. Alex la Quiteo Argentina
2020 My group of friends stayed at these apartments in Wanaka for 18 months. We had a top floor villa. We planned to stay for only a winter season but Wanaka was so attractive to us the group decided to extend. We all had good jobs so why not extend. The Villa is really special with glorious views fup to the mountains, fabulous large glass front balcony and so much more.  Pools, spas, sauna, tennis court, gyms you name it. Reid Eberewein and Trent Portman and friends


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