Wanaka is situated within the Otago Lakes District of the South Island of New Zealand.
The extraordinary mountains and lake scenery of Wanaka is simply stunning and will take your breath away. 
While you're here take a look at some of the beautiful imagery of Lake Wanaka and its mountains.
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Welcome to Simply Stunning Wanaka, the playground of New Zealand
A local writer describes the lifestyle and beauty of this magic destination
                                                                                                         by Emma Hollings 
Get back to Nature- Explore Wanaka! 

Wanaka is an amazing little town situated in the Otago district of the south island of New Zealand. If you follow the river Clutha downstream you come to the enchanted little town of Wanaka nestled at the southern tip of Lake Wanaka, surround by mountains and revealing the entrance to the Mount Aspiring National Park. Wanaka has much to offer its visitors during  both the summer and the winter months  and boasts a wide range of outdoor activity opportunities. 

Nothing can compete with the fresh mountain air, the crystal clear waters and the stunning alpine scenery, which is visible at every twist and turn throughout Wanaka. Lake Wanaka is the perfect setting for the perfect getaway, for whatever the time available and the great thing is you can make it as energetic or as relaxing as you desire. The picture perfect landscape will leave you breathless yet feeling refreshed, revitalised and eager to come back for more and the best thing is you can, as Wanaka is truly a year round destination with a huge variety of activities and sports available throughout the year. 

The Beauty of Summer in Wanaka 

Wanaka benefits from a warm and a sunny climate, which makes outdoor activities a real pleasure. What better way to take in the stunning scenery than feeling the warmth of the summer sun of your face while you sit back and enjoy that hard earned refreshing glass of one of many world class locally produced wines. This area is well renowned for its fantastic scenery across the valley and it serves as an access point to the highest New Zealand mountain range outside of the Mount Cook region so the views never fail to disappoint. 

The national park in Mount Aspiring is teeming with outdoor activities for all ages, mountaineering and hiking are a popular summer choice to name but a few. Visitors can enjoy day trips to the park or for the more adventurous amongst you even embark on a week long tramping expedition. Eco Wanaka describes these treks as “ unique and naturally unforgettable .” The Matukituki Valley also sports excellent spots for rock climbing and challenging walks. 

Water Sports for Everyone 

Lake Wanaka proves particularly popular for a wide diversity of water sports including; waterskiing, wakeboarding and sailing. Boat trips on the lake are also a popular choice with many visitors and allow you to take in the breath taking scenery from a different perspective. Lake Wanaka Lifestyle Reserve describes, a day trip to the lake as, “ great day out and a taste of what Lake Wanaka has to offer .” There are also plenty of opportunities for fishing on the lake and the local rivers which supply it. Furthermore, all the local ski resorts remain open throughout the summer. But, instead of attracting visitors to the snow they offer a wide variety of mountain biking routes and summer hikes across the mountainous terrain. With all these excellent sporting activities and facilities on offer, it is little wonder that  many talented athletes have hailed from this region  and no doubt Wanaka will continue to produce many more talented sportsmen and women. For those of you who are keen to explore a little further afield but without exerting Olympic levels of stamina, a cruise which encompasses far more of New Zealand’s wonderful waters maybe in order. 

Winter Wonderland in Wanaka 

Even though plenty of people visit Wanaka in the Summer, it is the Winter when the area really comes into its own! Wanaka is proud to be able to offer the widest range of snow related activities in New Zealand. These include the Treble Cone, Cardrona Alpine Resort, the Snow Park and the Snow Farm, all of which are considered to be some of New Zealand's premier commercial ski land snowboarding locations. Wanaka is the central town in between all of these areas and is therefore the most popular choice when visitors are looking for accommodation close to these resorts. In addition to the skiing at these locations, Cardrona is also home to one of the few Olympic sized half pipes in the world and has regularly been used in practice for Olympic competitions. 

Whatever your vacation preferences, Wanaka really has something to offer everyone. Your vacation here can be as challenging or as relaxing as you desire. With  breath taking scenery, fantastic luxury accommodation  and a huge variety of activities to suit all ages and levels, there really is something for everyone here in Wanaka. 


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